betting it all bare One dent: Chidwick Explains

within the above video, the duke in query starts at 10:fifty seven:21 and runs through 11:02:56.

all the way down to eight gamers with everybody already within the cash, an enchanting duke played out in the $one hundred,000 super excessive roller on the 2019 PokerStars Caribbean adventure . It became a hand that had the commentators bark out in amazement,What a weird duke!” and the railbirds on-line roaring.

that you can watch the video of the duke above. For readability, we’ve got accounting out the hand as well:

Chidwick Loses best of His assemblage to Greenwood Blinds:15,00030,000Big dark Ante:30,000Players remaining:8Prizes at stake:eighth: $236,720 7th: $301,820Short assemblage:Steffen Sontheimer 5.5 huge blinds

Stephen Chidwick opened beneath the gun for 65,000 with a total stack of 1,020,000 34 big blinds to initiate the hand. The action folded to Sam Greenwood within the massive dark who had 1,580,000 53 big blinds and referred to as with.

With 175,000 within the center, the bomb got here . Greenwood arrested and called Chidwick’s 60,000-bet.

The hit the turn, and Greenwood checked. Chidwick bet 300,000 into the 295,000-pot. Greenwood referred to as to grow the pot to 895,000.

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The completed the board, and Greenwood checked. Chidwick wager 590,000, leaving himself a distinct 5,000-chip in the back of. Greenwood idea for just a little earlier than he confused all in. Chidwick folded and started the subsequent hand with 5,000, a sixth of a big blind.

We had simply fabricated the money. We had been eight-surpassed, and that i aloft beneath the gun, which i go to be accomplishing fine bound because the mid-stack,” Chidwick stated when we talked to him concerning the duke two days after it had happened.

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed,Sam is absolutely activity to be defending magnificent extensive,” Chidwick noted of Greenwood’s name that could end up with ace-six of hearts.

Chidwick’s continuation wager turned into called, which triggered a captivating situation on the turn as he confronted the choice to keep going or placed on the brakes.

I actually have a hand that is on the backside of my range with a blocker to the even. So I barefaced the river.”

I suppose it’s a section I may still keep bluffing somewhat often, due to the fact that i am beneath the gun. I should not have that abounding fingers within the aboriginal vicinity. And the heart acquaintance helps me a little bit. It makes it much less doubtless he has a brace and a even draw, which is anything that’s all the time activity to call. and i consider I put his one-brace fingers with sevens or eights in a tough chapter.”

whereas the turn changed into exciting, it was the river that might have the individuals speakme. With the queen of hearts finishing the lath, Chidwick became left with annihilation but ace-excessive and a lot of his chips already in the core. We, the viewers, may see Greenwood had just fabricated the basics together with his ace-six of hearts.

The flush completes on the river with the queen,” Chidwick spoke of. “The queen additionally hits one of the most other palms I might were backbiting with and even additional demotes my ace-jack, so I actually have a hand this is at the backside of my range with a acquaintance to the flush,” Chidwick defined. “So I barefaced the river.”