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Why massive 12 could be vulnerable, but not in hazard

by Chuck Carlton , personnel author Chuck Carlton on

Chuck Carlton, huge 12 beat writer for SportsDayDFWm and The Dallas Morning news, answered chat questions currently. here are some of the highlights.

query: What do you think the state is of the massive 12? Is it in danger?

Carlton:  The convention just paid out $36.5 million per faculty and may be over $40 million next year, numbers better than the ACC and Pac-12. yes, the huge poker indonesia 12 is prone if Texas or Oklahoma would all of sudden get influenced to exit. aside from that, no as a minimum until the television deal and the provide of rights is up in 2024-25. That represents a lifetime in school activities. Will the big 12 nonetheless be negotiating with ESPN and Fox or will it’s Google and Amazon and Netflix, as West Virginia President Gordon Gee counseled? Will the large funds nevertheless be there? Will other conferences grew to become predatory on the huge 12? Will the Oklahoma fan irascible nonetheless have powerful anti-big 12 sentiments? reside tuned.

question: were you stunned with the profits figures reported by way of the massive 12 although that the conference overlooked out on the Sugar Bowl all the way through the fiscal year? i might count on this potential the conference will bring in ~40M per college next yr? 

Carlton: Commissioner Bob Bowlsby had in fact telegraphed an sudden boost in convention income for a few weeks. The numbers got here in at practically $36.5 million per college on the general with a variance of $2.5 million or so up from the $34.eight million announced for 2016-17. whereas the large 12 misplaced $4 million per school in Sugar Bowl salary as a result of the CFP rotation, it won about $three million per college in response to the return of the conference soccer title game at AT&T Stadium. With that Sugar Bowl profits returned, massive 12 colleges may still hit $40 million next year relocating ahead of the ACC and Pac-12. And – however most people comprehend it by way of now – the large 12 numbers don’t include the faculty’s third-tier rights.

query: How will the contemporary determination on activities playing have an impact on the big 12?

Carlton:It goes past the huge 12. The choice already is starting to have an effect on school sports at all levels. in its place of sports betting in Vegas and everything else underground, loads of states are going to be worried. Will colleges be in a position to negotiate an “integrity fee” for multiplied compliance? How an awful lot can schools earn? Will the emphasis on playing force faculties to issue NFL style experiences on accidents and reveal suspensions? in accordance with massive 12 meetings final week, schools are nevertheless trying to wrap their heads around the theory and implications.